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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 16, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i am heather cheryleds. >> i am patti ann browne. >> explosive back-to-back testimony could begin in the corruption trial of john edwards. the presidential candidate himself could take the stand. good morning. >> could get very interesting heather. they are indicating their case is winding down. they aren't saying if they plan to call him or his mistress to take the stand this morning. it is uncertain whether edwards will testify.
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that would open him up to examination by the prosecution. he admitted he lied about inch of this case including fathering rielle hunter's child. a greater unknown is hunter. she is remained largely unseen and unheard than conducting a handful of interviews about two years ago. she was listed as a potential witness but did not testify. of the three she is most likely to take the stand and defend her dad who is facing 30 years in prison. he's charged with using campaign cash to hide his mistress and their love child from the rest of the world. >> might be putting on his daut tore show the mind set of the edwards' family and the concern of the embarrassment that would come out if the affair came out. it would help to give the jurors a frame of mind as to john edwards. >> defense attorneys say if they don't call the witnesses they
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will rest their case today. we will keep you posted and be watching it very closely today. time for the 5 at 5:00. picking up wins in nebraska and other gone primary. the nebraska primary was a beauty delicate. it will be determined at the state's convention in july. it is inching closer to the delegates. right now he has 973. new evidence emerging about george zimmerman's medical condition following the shooting of trayvon martin. his doctor treated him for two black eyes a prak toured nose several cuts to the back of the head and a minor back injury the morning after that. martin had cuts on his knuckles. it supports the claims they got into a scuffle with before
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opened fire allegedly in self defense. from happy family to tragedy a look at the powell family like never before. >> this is the mad tea party with the mad mommy. >> this video was taken about a year before susan powell disappeared. you can see her playing with her two young sons and father in law steven powell. his daughter releasing the videos now to show that susan and the boys were not afraid of josh as many claimed. susan's husband josh powell is in some of the videos. you remember he killed himself and two young boys in a house fire earlier this year. judge will hold a hearing on airport security breeches. it comes after a report out earlier this week found that tsa is failing to properly report, track and fix breeches. many argue they are pasting
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millions of dollars and should be scaled down. they will share the hearing. ♪ >> this video is out of a charter school in massachusetts. the students thought they were being interviewed about a documentary. they were totally unaware their teachers were dancing behind them the whole time. dance with somebody was used for the song. it's a big hit on youtube. the kids are so serious, too. those are the 5@5:00 headlines. >> president obama facing uproar over altering presidential bios on the white house web site to offer himself praise.
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peter dos see with mo-- peter d with more on this. >> all presidents 1 to 44 have biographies on the white house web site. some are updated to include tidbits about president obama. there's an entry in 1935 president roosevelt signed the social security act. today the obama administration continues to protect seniors and ensure social security will be there for future generations. there's another one. in a june 28th, 1985, speech reagan called for a fairer tax code one where a multi millionaire didn't have the same tax rate as his secretary. and carter created the department of energy. he works to drive innovation in energy and reduce reliance on foreign oil with an all of the above approach. white house says no biographies have been altered we added link
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to relate to white house dot gov which is a commonly used best practice to encourage more to look at the site. they are trying to make a big joke start ago new web site obama in history dot depicting him at world events like a meeting between the kennedys leading the troops across the delaware river and watching japan at the end of world war 2678 the "washington post" back checker looked at the claims he is trying to act like president reagan in that quote i read before with the buffet rule. they gave it two pinocchios out of a possible 4. that quote was taken out of context. peter doocy reporting for us this morning. that brings us time to look at who is talking. a big talker is this new new york times poll -- the poll has
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mitt romney winning the female vote over president obama 46 to 44 percent. just last month the women favored the president over romney 49 to 43 percent. >> this is a group that the president won by a huge margin in 2008. the white house says this poll is biassed while critics say it is backlash. here is brit hume's take on "the record." >> according to most we have seen there will be more women turning out to vote this fall than men. not by a huge amount but if you had to choose between them you would be better off with the women. >> what do you think about the war on women? >> let me talk about the poll first. i wouldn't set it by the store by the cbs news new york times post because the sample is quite strong. 562 registered voters. the gallup poll has a much much bigger sample and is more
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reliable. i do believe as we sit here tonight the president is probably ahead by several percentage points among women and trailing by several percentage points among men. there are those i just pointed out. it's probably better that be on women but it is basically a wash. >> michelle bachmann talking about the female vote and why she thinks women are leaning toward romney. >> i talked to a lot of women yesterday this is why they don't want to fare tax increases. their husbands over 55 years of age are losing jobs. they look at barack obama and say gross incompetence and they look at mitt romney when they look at him they see a smart guy intelligent guy savvy optimistic he understands the economy. i think that's why he is going to connect with woman in this
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election. there's only a small number of undecideds. we will break those numbers down for you. >> it is time for your first degree weather update. good morning maria. >> good to see you patti ann and heather. 61 in new york city and cleveland. especially in new england because we are going to be dealing with showers and thunderstorms possibly later on today with the boundary that is lingering across the eastern part of the country with showers and thunderstorms all of the way down into parts of florida. still warm across phoenix and have a current temperature at 85 degrees. it it is across several days
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over arizona. it has not helped wild fire efforts. take a look at them to the east and they are continuing to do so. there is less coverage in them than we had to deal with widespread rain. dry weather from the upper midwest down into the state of texas expected today. it is now 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up free o.j. simpson. there's a brand new movement to get the juice out of jail. could it actually work? >> who has more game? our own dana perino or cream abdul jabar. we will see more with our jeopardy show down. what you missed last night on leno. >> professional sneeleez ball j edwards expected not to take the stand. never looks good when a client
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puts his hand on the bible and it bursts into flames. that's the worst thing that could happen at the trial.
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>> 14 after the hour. here are stories watching right now in arizona. another than two acres are burned in a trailer. the fire remains at 0 containment. those in colorado believed fires were sparked by a human. an vak order remains in place. a brooklyn man claiming to have a bomb in his bag. he told the jetblue attend dant he was about to board his flat to florida and told them about
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this alleged bomb the cops were called but they found nothing. it is 14 after the hour. you are watching fox and friends first. charges against foern agaattornl eric holder against the botched fast and furious. the contempt of congress is unwarranted and inappropriate. >> the questions regarding fast and furious have been answered and the compliance with the subpoena has been inaccurately described. charles krauthammer took issue withholder and his handling of the department of justice. i tell you what i think, he is a political hack. the reason that is so grating is because you can be a political hack in hew in had you had somewhere else. the justice department is a really important job. you are the supreme law enforcement official in the
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country. you are charged with upholding the constitution and rule of law. the amount of stuff he has done as a pure political hack starting with the clinton administration, this is a guy who will at the beckon call of his political masters. some of the other cases sided the racial profiling charges against voter id laws. now some stories you can bank on this morning. facebook employees and investors may not be the only ones with a major payday after the company's ipo this week. lauren simonetti joins us now with the fox business network with those details. welcome. >> hey heather, good morning. t minus 48-hours for this expected facebook ipo. the state of california is going to make a lot of money. it could mean 2.1 billion for california through the middle of next year as all of the facebook
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employees and shareholders cash in their share. >> possibly bad news, though? >> gm is the third largest advertiser in the u.s. they spend about 40 million on facebook advertising but they said they had low consumer impact. they are pulling their ads on facebook. is that a trend? how should facebook better approach the advertisers for the ad dollars. the fbi looking into jp morgan. >> we have the fbi as well as sbc and british regular tlierts looking at the loss at jp morgan. there's a team of regulators in new york and fbi looking into it. it is preliminary at this point but it does not bowed well for the bank and all of the expected regulations expect to do take effect this summer. >> the debate. all over again. this last summer we were
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talking about the huge fight in congress among democrats and republicans figuring out how to increase buying while decreasing spending. when congress does raise the borrowing limit he is going to insist on spending cuts. tim geithner says no drama please we are going to dtry to o this without a fight this time around. wi we all know there's going to be. you can bank on this. it is 18 after the top of the hour. a stunning development a university dumping its entire healthcare program for students. the reason? obama care. >> he has more game our own dana perino with creme abdul jabar. jeopardy show down is next. first a look at the prices at the pump. national average is 3.73 a gallon.
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>> 22 past the hour. dana perino made her debut on special power players episode. she was up against creme abdul jeb bar and david saver. >> 5 for 400. >> including firsts in which the heels are together there are five basic foot positions in the classical type of this. dana? >> what is ballet. >> she talked about her experience last night on "hannity". >> did you have fun?
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>> absolutely. the jeopardy people are fantastic. alex trebek watches "the five." >> i would figure out how to use the clicker. >> we love dana. though she didn't win she scored 10,000 dollars which gives money to homeless veterans. police in arizona for the first time confirming that missing 6-year-old isabel celis was abducted from her home. celis was reported missing by her father on april 21st. the architects behind the memorial for twidwight d eisenhr after taking heat from his family and top republican lawmaker
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lawmakers. the architect plans to keep the sculpture of a young eisenhower at the certainty of it. dozens of empty seats on federal bench. we have a closer look. >> good morning. you may know many court systems have heavier case loads than ever. a lack of judges is making the gridlock even worse. >> aye's are 86, nays are one and the nomination is confirmed. >> it's a scene both parties agree isn't playing out enough. confirming a judge to fill one of dozens of empty seats on the federal bench. not surprisingly not everybody agrees with what is to blame. >> the blame lies with republicans. >> alliance for justice says gop senators are blocking dmont ver shall candidates they hope republicans will retake the white house. republican senator mike lee says
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the white house has only itself to blame. >> this is about the fact that the president isn't making these nominations. >> currently there are 77 vacancies but only 31 nominees. aaron says there may be more nominees in the mix but senators from the home states of nominees must admit what are called blue slips in order to move them forward. that process isn't open to the public so there is no real way of knowing. white house press secretary jay carty responded. >> one thing we know for sure the pace of confirmation has never been slower. it had confirmation rates during the presidencies of george clinton and george w. bush. clinton and bush had 78 percent of their nominees confirmed. obama has had 77 percent. >> they are being confirmed it's just that the president happens to have nominated most of these slots. >> unless there's a drastic
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change in the coming months president obama stands to be the first president in at least 30 years to have more openings in a bench at the end of the term than when he took office. shannon green thank you. it is 25 after the top of the hour. we are $15 trillion in debt. why is our government giving hundreds of federal workers bonuses topping 40,000 bucks a piece patti ann. their salaries revealed for the first time. >> he said he wouldn't but he just did. first on this day in history back in 1985 michael jordan was named nba rookie of the year. from my alma mater carolina. ♪
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>> koo welcome back to "fox & friends first". >> i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. >> mitt romney picking up an endorsement for the president. george bush saying i am for romney he made the announcement after a speech in how man rights. it's the first time he weighed
2:31 am
in on romney. george h. w. bush is already backing romney. free o.j. simpson. he is serving time in nevada but a lawyer is pushing for his release and a new trial. he claims he had bad legal representation during his 2008 trial. he he was convicted of kid naggen and armed robbery after a sports memorabilia. he only wanted to recover personal photos and mementos. >> talk about transparency the salaries of federal workers revealed on-line. a web site data universe dt come exposing the 2011 salaries and bonuses for a million federal employees. it was turned over. students were caught buying
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soda during their lunch hour. what's wrong with that? federal law only allows schools to sell carbon ated drinks before lunch in an attempt to cut down on childhood obesity. it is contradictory especially since they are allowed to sell ice cream. they will have to pay the fines using the art and music program. two new jersey power players chris christie and corey booker keeping up in the hilarious spoof portrays him as bitter political rivals. >> got any problems? a fire anywhere? >> no, i think we are all set here. >> what do we got? >> mayor thank you for coming. there's a two-alarm fire on state street. i've got this. >> stand back. >> i've got this. i've got this. >> booker. >> governor romney. yes. yes. that was me running into the
2:33 am
fire. >> you are very persuasive. but i am not a number two guy i am not a background singer. >> i got this. >> christie. >> well the video was produced by christie's office and screened last night at the new jersey correspondence dirn. that's your 5 at 5:30. >> a stunning development a catholic university dropping an entire healthcare program for students. the school says president obama and obama care is to blame. peter doocy is live with more. >> this is happening for more that wi rale and economic reasons. they found out their premiums would double next year and triple the following year and it was a direct result of new requirements in the affordable care act. they have not included contraceptive processes in the
2:34 am
students's $600 policies. they would not participate in a plan that allows us to violate the consistent teaching on the catholic church on the sacredness of human life. the vast majority will be able to stay on their parent's healthcare plan. they won't necessarily be without healthcare. they have a clinic on camp bus t expensive procedures like x-rays would not be done. they need to keep their coverage on a different plan but brit hume said last night this is a tip of the iceberg. a great many of them will opt to pay the fund not provide the insurance and leave it up to the employers to fend for themselves. this of course runs smack dab into the promise the president made when he was pitching his health plan. if you like your coverage you are going to get to keep it
2:35 am
under his plan. it is certainly not going to be the case. >> 500 students have been buying into this insurance policy out of 2500. we will hear more about this as the day continues. thank you very much. make sure to stay tuned because we will hear from michael herndon the vice president of advancement later on fox and friends. this morning mitt romney is also talking. the presidential hopeful taking on president obama's policy. >> he is using bill clinton to attack him asking if he has a issue with the president bringing back the era of big government. a lot of people think this is a problem we can't solve. i reject that kind of a can't do defeatist talk. it's wrong. what has happened here isn't complicated. washington has been spending too much money and our new president
2:36 am
made things worse. his policies have taken us backwards. generations ago bill clinton announced that the era of big government is over even a former mccain campaign worker like president clinton was signaling to his own party that democrats should no longer try to govern by proposing a new program for every problem. president obama tucked away the clinton doctrine in his large door of discarded ideas. >> it's enough to make you wonder maybe it was a personal beef with the clintons. romney was campaigning in iowa a key battle ground state. the president won in 2008. >> oo before you leave the house this morning let's get your first degree weather update with
2:37 am
maria molina. she has more on when the rain will be moving out. >> we will be seeing that rain moving out shortly later on today especially as we head into your thursday. it will be a beautiful day across parts of the northeast. before we get the sunshine we will have rain and thunderstorms across portions of new england. there is activity right now across the new york city area. that could be causing delays as you head out the door. you need the umbrella. there are pedals i saw from all of the heavy rain we dealt with yesterday. there is also dense fog associated with the storm system around the new york city area and areas further off to the north across parts of connecticut. these showers and storms are in eastern carolinas down into florida. pretty quiet right now most of the showers and storms are off to the west across the gulf of mexico. inland over florida you will be
2:38 am
seeing that activity slowing you down over the airports. we will have the chance for showers and storms through out the day today. you can see those popping up across southern portions of louisiana. here's a look at where we will see the storms in up state new york, vermont, new hampshire. some of the storms could produce isolated severe weather. main concern will be the damaging winds we can get from some of the thunderstorms. that will be during the afternoon hours. not too bad 79 over new york city. as when heed west ward warm memphis 87. 87 for dallas, texas. extreme heat will continue later on today. talking about wildfires in colorado. we will see the elevated fire danger because of the dry weather. talking temperatures we will see a high today of 103 in phoenix. >> maria molina, thanks.
2:39 am
a shocking elimination on last night's dancing with the stars semifinals. >> the couple with the lowest combined total who will be eliminated right now. maria and derrick. >> a show patti ann never misses. booted off the show despite her nearly perfect performances. monday night william levy. katherine jenkins and driver now left in the running. the championships next week. sony pictures tapping the oscar writing the screen play based on the biography. the screen play oscar for the social network in 2010. it pays to be ryan seacrest. he just snagged ellen degeneres'
2:40 am
estate paying $49 million that sits on almost 3 acres and has almo3 guest houses. >> i guess it is worth it then. >> now for the starting lineup. a roundup of the sports stories at this hour. prosecution in roger clemens' perjury retrial. mac avi will face cross examination. he will argue he profited by outing clemens as an alleged steroid user. he will miss 8-12 months because of his knee injury. that means he will mix all of next season. he rejected his team loses. his daughter walks over to to see if he is okay. a little girl wearing his team jersey of course with his number. i am sure he feels so much better now. it's okay. >> it is now 40 after the top of
2:41 am
the hour. you just managed to get tell marketers from calling home after dinner. get ready to get blasted yet again. >> unbelievable. you heard you are wihat you eat. what about you are what you read. what you missed on jay leno last night. >> on fox news the other day neil cavuto accused mitt romney of not being hip. they say obama is the hippest president. you see how romney rebuted? >> on the campaign trail yourself you can't sing you said yourself you are not cool. the president is cool. >> i think i can sing. ♪ ♪
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>> that was amazing.
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>> let's go spanning the grown. we begin in indonesia. crews were recovering the black box of a jetliner that crashed into the mountain side. the plane went down leaving all 45 passengers dead. one their rethe pilot was trying to show off and simply lost control. next talk about a rocky start. his plane struck by lightening hours after he was sworn in as france' new president. movie stars from around the world arriving at the 56th annual film festival. among the movie competition a large showing of american film. the festival runs through may 27. you were justable to stop
2:46 am
tell marketers from calling you at home. that release may not last very long because now some are allegedly trying to get around the law by using politics. fox business network diane mess said doe has the story for us. good morning, diane. >> tell marketers are banned from robo callers. the campaign called political opinions of america may be betting around that -- getting around that it sounds suspiciously like a time share pitch. they ask them to complete a quick survey with questions like what is the most important thing to restore our economy or how would you rate the president? they translate to a live operator thanks to anonymous donor. he requires a court fee. he exposes people sales pitches for time shares. a boston law firm is preparing a
2:47 am
class action lawsuit against the group which is behind that campaign telling any one receiving these calls may have a claim even if they didn't save the company money. the company is doing nothing illegal. he said political opinions of america makes calls on behalf of numerous mc's for gauging public opinion and makes use of incentives for survey programs. spokesman sees the do not call registry. they should file a complaint at not call dot gov or calling. tricky tricky tell marketers. 47 after the top of the hour. check out this video. a horrific crash caught on camera. an elderly couple inside. the car had a mind of hs own.
2:48 am
you are what you eat you have heard but what about what you read? >> brian kilmeade will find out what he is reading. hey, brian. >> great show as usual. let me tell you what's coming up on fox an friends. i don't know i can't just read to a camera and tell you what's coming up. i have to feel like i am talking to a person. joe come over here and let me explain to you what's on the show so the people at home will get the idea in intimacy and more than just a broadcast in a tv way. coming up are african americans leaving their side because of the ban on same-sex marriage. greg gatson will be here live. and we are going to talk about keith ablow. are we normal or are we not? >> i am normal. >> what does that make me? >> not normal. >> fox and friends coming up.
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>> ever find yourself reading a book and getting lost in the story. we actually begin to act like the characters. >> thank you for joining us. >> the new study says brain doesn't differentiate what you have actual licks peer yensed and what you read about? >> when you read about it if you read jasmine or the word soap your brain starts to get stimulated. the brain doesn't make that much of a difference because the neurons in the brain identify with what you are reading. >> so this is good according to the study if you read about
2:53 am
characters who are admirable and noble you start to take on the characteristics. but there's a dark side. let's look at a quote from jeff kauffman who says if you think about american psycho he is charismatic and likeable but he is a serial killer. you may try to upped stand or justify the actions he is committi committing. >> you are identifying with the characters you are getting into the brain it's a theory of mind. that is why people who read these kinds of novels tend to interact with people in a better way because they understand people. they are understanding how the human line works how other people think and strategize. you do get insight into human interaction. >> the stud sy says this only applies the twrint word. not just a movie. >> when you read in a quiet
2:54 am
moment you almost become the character. when you get excited a romantic hero gets their manned you feel what they are feeling. there's a strong identification. >> what about a tv series not just a movie. you are getting attached to the characters. still not the same as the book. >> it is different because you are observing and more of a spectat spectator. you may identify in a couple ways but not intimate. >> plus you are forming pictures in your mind. very personal if you think about i it. >> as a mom i want him to identify with the right characters. >> it is important for moms to know this and pick the right books and inspiring books where your child can identify with heros and proper moral values and this contributes to their psyche. >> doctor interesting study.
2:55 am
thank you so much. it is now 54 after the hour. a terrifying moment for this driver. the car starts accelerating on its own and the entire thing is caught on camera. and your word of the day all scrambled up. can you figure out what it is? it's something we talked about during the show. stick around for the answer. ♪ ♪ why do you whisper, green grass? ♪ [ all ] shh! ♪ why tell the trees what ain't so? ♪ [ male announcer ] dow solutions use vibration reduction technology to help reduce track noise so trains move quieter througurban areas all over the world. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything. [ all ] shh! [ male announcer ] solutionism. the new optimism.
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of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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we charge everything else... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. maybe it's time to recharge the human battery. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system from beautyrest... it's you, fully charged. >> it is 58 after the top of the hour. as we take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first -- the good. two girls in colorado getting quite a surprise. >> daddy! >> army first sergeant bernard johnson surprising his daughters in band class after returning
2:59 am
from a six month deployment to africa. the girls had no idea he was coming home and next, the bad. students not paying their student loans. that's why one debt collector was able to rake in a whopping $454,000 in just one year by calling students and getting them to pay up. and the ugly. dash cam video capturing a horrifying crash in south korea. officials are still trying to figure out what caused the sudden acceleration. the car, driven by an elderly couple was going about 80 miles per hour. terrifying. >> all right, time to get scrambled up. steve doocy is here to help us out. there's the letters, figuring it out along with you right here. it's something we talked about during the show. >> jeopardy. >> jeopardy! >> very good. >> i'm sorry, that wasn't in the form of a question. what is jeopardy? >> perfect. now you win. have


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